How to Print Value From Thin Air

Photo by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Publishing prints value from thin air.
It also prints MONEY from thin air.

If you create valuable content and distribute it widely, businesses will want access to that audience.
They’ll buy an advertisement.

Price those ads correctly, sell enough to surpass your expenses, and you’ve created a profitable project.
If you do this right, the businesses will earn more new profit than the expense of their ad.
Everyone wins.

Over the years, we’ve created many of these out-of-thin-air-projects.

The most obvious was a newspaper.
By printing local news on a regular schedule, residents in your community rely on you for information.
Businesses now want to advertise in your paper to reach these residents.

This is one way to create a permanent income stream. You also gain the joy of informing and influencing your community.

But a newspapers’ relentless publishing schedule is too much work for most people.

You can still gain income -- and more freedom -- by creating individual print information “projects.”

Events. Plays, group fundraisers, sporting events, festivals, parades and seminars all need printed programs to share the schedule, history, details of their cause, people involved, etc.
By creating that program of information, you can sell ads to businesses who want to ride along. Donate some of the profit back to the event organization and sales are easier.

“Owners Manual.” Look at your town like a newcomer. Now gather information about everything.
Population demographics. Town economics. Largest industries. Top attractions.
Largest employers. Average income. Traffic counts. Average home prices.
Weather statistics. Utility company contact info. Town history.
Put it all in your newsprint booklet. You instantly become the town authority.
Businesses know newcomers are establishing new spending routines. They’ll happily pay top dollar to reach them. Set up distribution to make this happen.

Restaurant Guide. Our #1 question on our trolley tours was, “Where’s a good place to eat?”
Provide this answer by creating a newsprint directory book, complete with full-page ads sold to area restaurants.

Themes. Health. Hunting. Home improvement. Personal finance. Automobiles.
Pick any topic that interests citizens and has lots of businesses providing those affiliated services.
Now create interesting content about those topics and sell advertising to the businesses.

The larger your distribution, the more you can charge for ads. Large print runs also make it more likely your advertisers get a measurable return-on-investment.

Already have an existing business?
You can provide a new income stream with a guide book.
Just create an interesting booklet that creates value for your customers.
Sell ads to non-competing companies.
Put a price on the cover to show its perceived value but give it away free.

Our town has so much history that we could not share it all on our trolley tours.
So we created a “Best of Cody” guide book as a value-added giveaway to ticket purchasers.
Businesses wanted direct access to our 10,000 summer riders, who were mostly first-time visitors.
The book was half valuable content and half valuable advertising.
This book earned $20,000 to $30,000 every time we created an updated version.
Once again, everyone won.

String together several of these print projects and you've replaced your job income.
Plus you gain control of your schedule with lots of time-off between projects.
You'll also enjoy the creative rush of manifesting a better lifestyle out of thin air.

There are many ways to earn income.
Jobs are the most difficult and least efficient.
If still trapped in employment, these print projects can be completed on the side until you gain the confidence to break free.

With a healthy dash of self-education and self-discipline, one day your prints may come!


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