Play Offense

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By Mike Johnson

According to the bible’s creation story, all creation is complete.

That means every possibility already exists.

Picture an infinite plane where every possible outcome spreads to the horizon.

Embrace a specific outcome with your consciousness and it becomes “real” in your experience.

Now you see that the most important skill is the ability to precisely steer your consciousness.

Wealth and poverty, pain and pleasure, disease and health, love and hate.
All are just selections on the infinite plane.

We become what we focus upon.

So focus on what you want.

The best way to do this is to play offense.

Launch a specific adventure toward what you want.
Start a business.
Buy a hobby farm.
Take guitar lessons.
Court a soulmate.

When you are fixated on something you want, you are moving toward it.

Better, you’ve filled your thoughts, activity and emotion with what you want.
This makes what you want bigger and real, while protecting your mental bandwidth from focusing on what you DON’T want.

Launching adventures keeps you MOVING in a positive direction.

Lack of movement makes you a sitting duck for calamity.

Minds are slippery. If we do not direct them, they find trouble.
And fixate on that.
Now THAT becomes bigger and real. THAT becomes your experience.

Don't wait for calamity.

The best defense against what you DON'T want, is playing offense with what you DO want.

Launch that adventure.


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