Puzzle Pieces

Free use photo from Pixabay.com

By Mike Johnson

I slid out the box of that fox with some squawks.
Dammit. In a body again. The school of hard knocks.
Five fingers, five toes, male, Iíve got the right member.
But why Iím here? Once again, I donít remember.

Dependent, diapers, depression. Is this really needed?
Did I pick this on purpose or was I randomly seeded?
Earth life is messy, chaotic and constricted.
I was euphoric in heaven but woke up evicted.

No manual, no instructions, no qualified teachers.
Just random creatures, beseechers and preachers.
All offer pieces, I'm to assemble the puzzle.
From a firehose of experience that Iím forced to guzzle.

I must really be clever to solve the mystery.
Because the clues are lies and jumbled history.
In the world of man, nothing makes sense.
I used to grasp infinity, but here Iím quite dense.

Searching for decades, Iíd become quite the pouter.
Until discovering my inner, surpassed my outer.
With study and practice, my manifest became a manifeast.
By directing the spirit inside my physical beast.

The bodyís just an avatar, the worldís just a stage.
Until you figure this out, youíll stay in the cage.
Weíre not here on earth, to fix what should be.
We're here on earth, to polish you and me.


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