Can't Fix the World

By Mike Johnson

Call me arrogant, but I know I could write a plan that would fix the biggest problems in the world.

The trouble is, it would be MY plan. I'm not capable of getting a majority of the world to embrace my vision. And my vision would inevitably overlook needs that have not yet arisen to my awareness. My plan would prioritize values that I think are important, which would inevitably minimize values that others think are important.

So it would be an imperfect plan. Many would refuse to obey it. And no plan is moral if it uses force to make people obey it. And I sure as heck don't want to be forced to obey someone else's plan.

So that leads me to believe there is no one on earth able to fix the world.

Which makes me conclude we are not here to fix the world.

I finally realized that the problems in the world are here to force us to learn and grow and adapt to fix ourselves. Me, I can handle. It's a fulltime job for sure, but I'm up for it. I can create and destroy and fix my own world all day long. Just as long as that involves me and my thoughts and my feelings and my actions.

You I can't fix. That's not my job.

An entire world? No chance in Hell.

All I can do is create the life I imagine. The outer world may be swirling in chaos but the world inside my head is happy and calm. That makes me one less person adding to the turbulence.

We're not here to fix the world. The world is here to fix US.


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