Sweet Workspace

By Mike Johnson

I'll never eat these candies. But I love looking at them.

Thanks to pleasant childhood memories, I feel good just looking at them. They're displayed on a prominent shelf on my rolltop desk.

Why a rolltop?

Because I want my work space to feel like art. I'm surrounded by trinkets that make me vibrate higher. I need many shelves and cubbies to display them all.

It takes so little to add delight to your environment.

This is important because feeling good puts your performance on steroids. It's the x-factor multiplier.

Feeling exceptional leads to exceptional performance and exceptional results.

Turkish Taffy may not be your magic elixir, but something is.

Add it to your environment and get hits of enjoyment glancing at it throughout the day. You deserve the good feelings and we deserve your best performance.

What "art" will you add to your workspace?


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