The Depth of Beauty

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By Mike Johnson

Society encourages, enables and pushes physical beauty as the standard.
Apply this product, wear these clothes, eat this kelp, exercise those abs.

Then you too, will impress your friends, win the best jobs and attract Prince or Princess Charming.

Nope. Only the shallow assign physical beauty as the top standard.

Shallow friends, shallow jobs and shallow mates are not worth the effort of illuminating yourself externally.

You’ll regret building your self-esteem around your outer shine too. That bulb fades over time.

The deepest, most endearing people are attracted to those who illuminate themselves from the inside out.

Personality. Character. Self-discipline. Kindness. Curiosity. Wisdom. Experience. Self-worth. Confidence. Humor.

Build these, and you radiate so brightly, you’re automatically beautiful to every exceptional person worthy of noticing.

Inner beauty is the way you vet the pretenders from the contenders.

It also carries an enormous, additional benefit.

When you’re beautiful enough to yourself inside, you have no desperate need to attract anyone or anything outside.


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