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By Mike Johnson

The fall of the west was accelerated by the destruction of family.

Per the Rockefellers, feminism was created by the cabal and amplified by their media for three reasons:

1. Convert half the population that wasnít paying taxes (women) into taxpayers;
2. Wreck the family;
3. Gain access to their children earlier (public school) for deeper indoctrination so kids see the state as their authority figures.

This broke Godís system of family.

Manís role was to protect the family, earn the income, cherish the woman and provide guidance and discipline to the children.
Womanís role was to love, encourage and support the man, their children, and maintain a pleasant, stable household environment.

This fulfilled the instinctive drives of both sexes. This gave men a fulltime wife, kids a fulltime mom, the family a secure home and women time to recharge while husband was at work and kids at school.

A strong family, with two loving parents, creates a bubble of peace, strength, safety and stability to best handle the challenges of earth.

Women working outside the home wrecked that family stability.

When men and women do not get their physical and emotional needs fulfilled at home, they look elsewhere.

By introducing women to the workforce, infidelity skyrocketed.

Divorce skyrocketed.

Broken families skyrocketed.

Alcohol and drug addiction, gang membership, crime rates and dependency on the cabal's governments skyrocketed.

Now broken families are raising broken kids who pass on their brokenness to their own kids.

The cabal pushed feminism by calling it ďfreedom and equality.Ē What they secretly wanted was broken families, more tax money and control.

Most women (and men) embraced the deceit and the negative results are obvious for those with the eyes to see.

Did anything really improve for women? Most single mothers are now stressed, exhausted and dependent on the callous state rather than a loving husband and family.

Feminism is just one more deception launched by the devilís cabal to ruin Godís creation.
Add it to other big deceptions like authority, war, digital money, taxes, politics, college, history, school curriculum, Wall Street, science, technology, health care, pharmaceuticals, climate, welfare, race, genders and wokeness.

The devilís cabal has become very skilled at deceiving people. It always promises a better result but only delivers destruction.

Just because most of the world accepts the devilís deceitful temptations doesnít mean you have to.

Instead, embrace Godís world.

God made men and women to complement each other, not copy each other.

The two sexes are NOT the same. On purpose.

But their purpose can be the same -- work together to love, nurture and support a beautiful family.

Just the way God designed it.



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