Passive Income Romance

By Mike Johnson

"Want a date?"

My wife, out in the gazebo, just sent this question and photo while I was inside writing. And people wonder why I rarely leave the mountain.

Great wife, great life. Still in love after 45 years, this past year was our best yet. I never tire of hearing those three magic words.

"Enough Passive Income."

Once you erase money and time pressures, you greatly improve the chances of experiencing a happy marriage. And a happy life.

Time and money. Money and time. Most people never conquer these two relentless taskmasters. Few ever learn the simple strategy that erases them both at once, quickly.

Just buy an already-existing passive income stream.

It doesn't take money to make money. It takes imagination, knowledge, courage and inspired action. There are techniques to buy these income streams with far less money than you imagine.

I did it with just a thousand bucks.

Can anyone do this? No.

Can the highly motivated do it? Yes.

If forever conquering time and money doesn't motivate you, perhaps an early retirement with an enchanting spouse will.

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