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By Mike Johnson

Lose electricity and you lose everything.

Heat. Lights. Hot water.
Internet. Cell phones and land lines.
Radios. Televisions. Medical devices.
Water, sewer and natural gas.
Gasoline pumps. Deliveries. Emergency responders.

No banks, ATMs or credit cards.
No grocery stores.
No public utilities.
No gas stations.
No prescriptions.

Cops, paramedics and firemen will stay home to protect their own.
Desperate people will loot, rob and steal.

Youíll be on your own.
Your survival will depend on the contents of your mind and the contents of your house.

Big city people are doomed.
Densely packed in, they are too dependent on othersí systems.
They are not prepared for these systems to stop.
The worst of humanity will take over.

In the big picture, our souls live forever.
But most of us want to play the game here as long as possible.

The purposeful destruction of everything has been underway for decades.
If you havenít noticed, shame on you.
If youíre not prepared by now, you never will be.

See you on the other side.



Prepare or Die


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