Krispy Krime

By Mike Johnson

Life is richer with pastries. And funny pictures. And empty schedules.

The thing about freedom is that like vacations, you go through life as a visitor. You're free to take a bite of the best and walk away from the rest. You're there but you're not stuck. You're safely detached. You're IN the world but not OF it.

I transcended jobs. And freelancing. And business.

All are traps. Or as I like to look at them now, escape rooms. You're locked in the room until you solve enough riddles to get out.

Once you earn release, you realize there's an entire world out here. The escape room was just one tiny sliver of geography and experience.

So lighten up. It's just an escape room. Don't make it the sole focus of your time and energy and attention. Nobody cares that you're the smartest person in the room. It's a small room.

Solve the riddles and gain freedom. Now everything enchants you and nothing holds you.

Except pastries.

I never want to transcend pastries.


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