Free use photo from Pixabay.com

By Mike Johnson

Giants stand out in a crowd.

Unaware people envy these giants.
Aware people look to them for inspiration.

The truth is, everyone is a giant.
Itís just a matter of recognizing your true stripes.

Once you gain clarity that you were created by God, in his image, you too, will live large.

To an unaware zebra, a giraffe is the height of arrogance.

To an aware zebra, a giraffe just stuck his neck out to grab more of his God-given potential.

Compared to dogs, zebras too, have long necks.

Everyone is at a different stage of development.

Envy traps you where you are.
Inspiration pushes you to become more.

Donít short-change yourself.

Look up to giants because they remind you where youíre heading.


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