The Slingshot Affect

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By Mike Johnson

Emotion adds steroids to action.

Behind every great achievement is some small thinker telling an inventor it can’t be done.

This angered the inventor enough to rally the energy, actions and inspiration to create the “impossible.”

“Oh yeah? I’ll show you…” is the slingshot affect.

In this way, anger, frustration and pride are channeled toward a valuable outcome.

I experienced this slingshot affect when I was fired from my first newspaper writing job.

It pulled taunt immediately.

“Oh yeah? I’ve learned enough to start a competing newspaper!”

This was both inspired and stupid.

Inspired, because in the long term, it was the best thing that ever happened to my career.

Stupid, because in the short term, I was in for three years of brutal life experience.

I thought the editor who fired me was destroying my life.

I later learned she was making it ten times better.
And I learned it in ways no one could've predicted, let alone imagined.

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"You're Fired"


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