85 Percent

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By Mike Johnson

A recent LinkedIn survey says that 85% of employees are looking for a new job.
An older Gallop survey says 85% of employees HATE their jobs.
A seven-year-old statistic says 85% of work hours at most jobs are meaningless due to frivelous emails, meetings and paperwork.

If you’re employed, you already know this.
If you’re not, perhaps experiencing these truths is 85% why.

The majority of working-age Americans (85 percent?) have dabbled with jobs.
Yet jobs are the least effective way to earn income.

Worse, our entire educational system is aligned to steer kids into college which is geared to steer them into jobs.

This is exactly why contrarians exist.

When the prevailing conventional wisdom does not get acceptable results, we look for workarounds.

85% of the time, we find them.
Even though we rarely tap 15% of our brains.

What makes us different?

We trust conventional wisdom 85% less than other people.
We’re 85% more curious.
We’re 85% more confident in our own God-given powers of research and discernment.
We’re 85% more likely to study people who have already achieved what we desire.
We’re 85% less suited to languish in mediocre or unsatisfactory situations.
We have 85% more self-worth, self-confidence and self-discipline to push ourselves to better income sources.

Of the 15% who have rejected jobs as their income source, 85% of the time, we own businesses or income properties.
People work for US.

Because we escaped the pain of jobs ourselves, 85% of us treat employees far better than the bigger, heartless employers.

If you can’t be a 15 percenter who thinks like 85% of us, at least work for a smaller company in an industry that greatly interests you.
The odds are 85% higher you’ll be better treated, better appreciated and better enjoy your work.

Want a life that is 85% better than the average?

Play the percentages.



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