Nothing is Everything

By Mike Johnson

When you seek nothing, you have everything.

Try it. Step into a space away from the things of man. Quiet your mind. Stay there. No thoughts. Empty. Clear. Open.

Once your mind stops, you feel your vibration increase. You "buzz." You rise. You forget the body. Slip into peace, joy, light, awareness.

You're saturated with consciousness. Your true state.

Here, "nothing" is everything. It's all you need.

You're aware of your connection to something far bigger than you. Infinite. It's the power that animates your body. It's connected to all bodies. All awareness. It is our entire plane of existence. And you're inside it. You're a piece of that same force that creates earth & beats hearts.

You're connected to the omnipotent power that creates everything. And you're aware of it.

Allow it. Receive it. Marinate in it.

Now direct that power wherever you need it. It already permeates you.

Health issue? Picture that force resetting all body systems to their original, perfect default positions.

Money issue? Wealth is a small job for such a big force. Imagine your needs already met. Your abundance is assured.

Relationship issue? Bathe in the force & see yourself whole. When you're enough, you don't need anyone else. Yet, from this place, you attract the best humans on the planet.

All without leaving home.


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