Test Drive Your Dreams

Photo courtesy of Spring Creek Ranch website, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

By Mike Johnson

$550 per night. We'd never stayed in such an expensive place. We were booked two nights, sharing the swankiness with another couple far more affluent.

The lodge overlooked the Grand Tetons. Still. The price & over-the-top luxury had me unsettled. This was far outside my comfort zone.

Day one was a blur, with another uncomfortable expenditure for a fancy dinner.

But rising early the next morning changed my life.

Margie & I had the great room to ourselves. The deep leather chairs, roaring fireplace, dawn spotlighting the Teton range, framed by the massive, timbered windows, made time stop.

Warm mugs in our hands, warm reverie in our minds, we shared the same thought.

"This is what we want."

We returned home & called the Realtor. There was a similar home, with similar views, for sale outside our town. I'd seen the listing but thought it too expensive.

I was wrong. Since bankruptcy, we'd been frugal for a dozen years, putting our money into growing businesses. I ran the numbers four times. Easily affordable.

50 days later, we were enjoying majestic views from our own great room.

If you want a big dream, put yourself in it. Visit it. Rent it. Test drive it.
Nudge your stunted self-image to grow into it. We only reach for things we can see ourselves deserving.

The truth is, we deserve it all. Make the leap and grow into it.


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