Is Devil's Tower Actually a Tree Stump?

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By Mike Johnson

Who documents history?
Who teaches it?
Who benefits from it?

You already see today’s fake news.
Imagine how much they’ve faked history.

How would you know?
Today’s “authority” is no more honest than yesterday's.

On your journey to awareness, you’re discovering one lie after another.
Big lies.
HUGE lies.

Recognize the pattern.
Liars LIE.
Without consequences, they lie BIG.

The bigger the lie, the more people believe it.

The biggest lies hide who we really are.
This is assisted by lies about our historical world.

These lies emphasize that we are mice and authority figures are giants.

This is reversed.

WE are the giants. Lies about our history hide that.

Are you brave enough to consider alternative truths?

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