Medicinal Mantras

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By Mike Johnson

You become what you think about all day long.

So its wise to think about what you want, more than what you dont want.

One way I do this is with mantras.

Dozens of times each day, I interrupt auto-pilot thoughts to silently repeat phrases that are empowering.

I am so rich, is my all-purpose, go-to mantra.
This covers everything health, wealth, relationships, environment, pets, brainpower, wisdom, clarity, peace of mind and connection to God.

I supplement this phrase with others.

"Thank you God. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

My abundance is assured.

God is the source. I am of God. God flows through me.

Ive been repeating these in my head dozens of times a day, for decades.
No need to sequester, I do this on the fly, randomly, during my daily activity.

Their frequent repetition long ago became habitual.

I see their manifestation in my life.

I'm a believer and that belief bent reality in my favor.

Why not stack the deck in your favor?

Write a few empowering mantras and bring them to life.


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