Group Insanity

By Mike Johnson

Group insanity reveals its grip by little actions.

Sneezing into your elbow. Wearing a monkey suit. Suffering stop & go traffic. Paying $6 for a cup of coffee.

Signs in yards, “Everyone is welcome here.” Living in a hive that swarms with obnoxious & defective people yet socially-shamed to “accept diversity.”

A recent trip to a big city screamed insanity.

The most-telling evidence was watching 80% reading their smart phones while walking in the airport like zombies.

The next biggest clue was boarding the plane itself. I looked at every face in every seat. 90% of the expressions were unhappy or worse. And of course, the passenger plane experience is an abomination for everyone except those in first class, who suffer their own group insanity by paying twice what the seat is worth. Yet the planes continue to fill.

I left with a desire to never fly again. Never travel again. Cut all screens from my life. All media. All group insanity.

To move to the middle of nowhere, 25 miles from the closest town. Just me, my wife, my pets and nature.

Then I remembered. I already live here. I’ve already arranged my life to escape the hive.

My only problem was that I left for the trip.

Doh! From now on, the world can come to me.

Goodbye group insanity!


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