Dear 18-Year-Old Mike

Johnson family photo circa 1959

By Mike Johnson

Dear 18-Year-Old Mike,

How do you say "foghorn" in French?
Who cares?
This is just one of a million worthless factoids schools, media, “experts” and authority will try to jam in your head.

Don’t fall for it.
Don’t lose yourself chasing where they point.
FIND yourself by remembering your mind is your own sovereign property.
YOU decide where you direct it.

You already suspect this. Because you Mike, are a contrarian.
You’re also intuitive. So you’ll receive this message.
But I’ll keep it short.
You value concise because it increases clarity.

By now you’ve already invested hundreds of hours researching the Kennedy assassination.
To your amazement, you realized it was an inside job.
You learned that "leaders" and "experts" wearing suits, on national television, can look very confident and authoritative, while speaking total and complete nonsense.

You’re thinking, “If they lie about the murder of a president and get away with it, what else are they lying about that I don’t yet realize?”

Buckle up, you’re not only right about this, you’re going to learn that EVERY topic and event, when studied deeper, is far different than it’s publicly portrayed.

Like the movie, “The Truman Show,” the infrastructure of deception is so enormous, it’s virtually impossible to conceive.

Your self-research will rock you to your core. It will also separate you from most of humanity.

Few have the hunger and courage to follow truth wherever it leads, especially when it goes against the prevailing narrative.

So get used to living in a world where you’re the oddball.

But on the upside, like Truman, you’re going to escape the deceptive cage.

Thanks to your hunger for truth, you’re going to find God. Solitude, introspection and inner peace. A wonderful spouse. Financial and time freedom. Fulfill your dreams.

I can also tell you that you’ll live at least 66 years.

Right now, you’re a swing manager at McDonald’s. It’s one of the best years of your life.
Enjoy it. Relish it. Let it saturate.
This is a special year.

But deep inside, you want to become a writer. God imbedded that desire because it’s the critical skill you need to follow truth out of deception.

You’re going to succeed in many careers, projects and information treasure hunts. But all of them will involve writing.

Along the way, you’re going to write a thousand inspirational articles documenting your journey.

This writing provides necessary clarity to you, but also helps and inspires thousands of others too.

So relax. Lighten up.
You’re a good guy.
You'll find what you're looking for.
Your abundance is assured.

It all works out.



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