Who's Herding Who?

Photo by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Have the deer herded the Border Collie or has the Border Collie herded the deer?

Here on the mountain, everyone gets along.
Even dogs and deer in close proximity.

Everyone has what they need.
The deer just finished a meal.
The dog ate earlier and is happy to be manning her post at the woodpile.
The observing humans just fed their bodies and spirits.

When weíre enough, thereís no fight in us.
Peace and joy reign.

When people (and animals) arenít enough inside, they cause trouble outside.
Dis-ease and turbulence reigns.

Turbulence is evidence of a defect inside.
Something is lacking.

Look at your jetwash.
If your day is filled with drama, anger or conflict, the cause is not ďout there.Ē
Itís inside YOU.
YOU are the one with the defect.

Fortunately, you are the one with the power to repair the defect.
IF youíre aware.

The universe has a great system to nudge you aware.
If you feel dis-ease, itís the universe nudging you to look inside yourself.

Stop herding others.
Start herding yourself.

Youíll be rewarded with peace and joy.


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