Choose Again

By Mike Johnson

Life is simple.

If you want to do something, do it.

If you want to be someone, be it.

If you want a bunch of stuff, go get it.

You can do anything. You just can't do everything.

Establishing priorities & sequences is what separates the go-getters from the regretters.

Stepping into life without a plan is like jumping into rapids above the waterfall. Adventure's going to happen but you aren't going to have much say in the matter.

You got that job. You married that person. You birthed that child.


Years later, you realize how many choices occurred by default, blindly leaping into the whirlpool.

Fortunately, you're not that person any more. You're wiser & more aware today.

Unfortunately, the decisions the "new you" desire to unmake are messier because you're so deeply invested.

You can go through the angst and inconvenience of breaking the bonds with those externals.

Or you can work internally & make peace with the life that formed around you.

Choices, choices, choices.

This is why parents tell kids to figure out what they want before they leave home. It's far easier to erase a few lines on a blueprint than it is to saw down walls & rafters.

Behind every life, stand the ghosts of decisions. These ghosts reveal which decisions we selected, and which we allowed.

But each new day, offers a priceless gift:

Choose again.


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