You and Your Cause

By Mike Johnson

Kneeling. Racism. Global warming. Police killings. Masks. Sexual harassment. Abortion. Politics.

There is no shortage of causes in the world.

We all have different interests and different levels of education about various topics.

Just because I donít share your passion for a particular cause doesnít make me a problem to your cause.

There is only so much time and energy. How I choose to spend that time and energy is my decision, not yours.

You may be an expert on your causes. Iím an expert on other causes. We can coexist. But only if you donít should all over me.

We can speak out. We can inform. We can suggest. But when we verbally or physically accost others due to our cause, weíve stepped over the line.

Everyone gets to choose whatís important to them. And thatís OK.

My lack of interest in your cause isnít destroying your cause anymore than your lack of interest is destroying mine.


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