Common Law

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By Mike Johnson

Our legal system is subservient to common law.
Common law existed before the US Constitution.
Common law started by our creator and grew from there.

Like all government systems, the justice system has strayed far beyond its delegated limits.

For starters, The People are superior to the justice system.
A judge is subservient to a citizen.
A judge is an employee with very limited power and virtually no discretion.
Thanks to common law, a judge is individually liable for most bad actions from the bench.

Of course we are not taught that.
We are taught that judges are omnipotent.

With common law, ANY public officials, including judges, can be individually indicted, tried, fined and jailed by common citizens.
We just have to follow a lawful process of step-by-step procedures.

Common law is the citizens' protection against tyranny.
So of course, this information is hidden from citizens.

Did you know that no state in America licenses lawyers to practice law?
Lawyers are only "licensed" with a certificate from a privately-owned union called the Bar Association.
Those who employ lawyers may require a Bar certificate, but individuals on their own do not need one.
Anyone can educate themselves to become a law counselor outside the Bar.
The courts can not lawfully require a Bar Association certification to prosecute or defend a case.
States and judges may disagree with this but the US Constitution and many Supreme Court decisions verify this information.

Did you know that elected officials must secure a bond of surety from an insurance agency in order to hold office?
This bond protects the government from lawsuits due to the individual behavior of the elected officials.
If ten citizens present a complaint about an elected official violating their oath of office to the bond company, the bond company will cancel their bond and they cannot hold office until they get a new bond.
Most states only have one or two approved bond companies available, so getting that official's bond revoked is the same as kicking that official out of office.
Nearly immediately. Forever.

In addition, without the bond, this misbehaving official is now personally liable for any and all damage they caused by violating their oath of office.
They can easily be bankrupted by restitution, punitive damages, liens and judgments.

Common law is an effective means of holding our elected officials in check. If they go rogue, we can quickly make them go away.
Only our lack of knowledge about the constitutions, justice system and common law keeps criminals and tyrants in office.

Anyone can become an army of one with a little knowledge.

I suggest you start by reading, “Common Law Court Handbook,” by John Darash.

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