Photo courtesy of Rides4u.com

By Mike Johnson

It started with a fire tower and expanded to a Ferris Wheel.
Height is a compelling adventure so anything that gets you into the sky is an interesting option.

Iíve been looking for a used fire tower on and off for over 30 years.
This morningís hunt found a 144-footer for $50,000.
I also saw that a 100-footer sold last year for $5,000.

The real expense of course, is disassembly, shipping and reassembly.

A fancy fire tower house on a 400-acre ranch is listed in Montana for $9.5 million.

This thirty-year hunt tells me fire towers are just a whim, not a real desire.

Perhaps Iíll just spend the night in one. Some state and federal forests offer overnight rentals in old fire towers.

So I moved on to used Ferris Wheels.
Saw a giant 100-foot Skydiver model for $89,000.
The seats are in a small car that spins 360 degrees.
So when you come over the top itís like piloting a Japanese Zero on a strafing run.

For the more sedate, a 28-foot diameter carousel was $199,000.
A 36-footer was $299,000.
A 36-foot two-story model was $399,000.

I imagine setting up a carousel and Ferris Wheel in Cody City Park.
I like the thoughts of romance, nostalgia and colorful lights.
But in summer, itís not dark until 9 or 10 pm.
I gave up on late nights a few decades ago.
Not many customers are out during my preferred 4am darkness.

Rides4u.com offers 77 used carnival rides for sale right now.

A used Tilt-a-Whirl is only $34,000.

I always called it a Tilt-a-Girl because the rideís spinning tilted her against me.

Teen boys eagerly risked motion sickness for the chance to seduce fillies into emotion sickness.

Thereís a fine line between Tilt-a-Whirl and Tilt-a-Hurl.
But I found the balance.
And never threw-up on a date.

So here we are.

Tilt-a-Girl and Affair-us Wheel.
Bought used from Carol-sell.

Dad jokes.

Youíd have seen these coming a mile away, if you'd only owned a fire tower.


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