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By Mike Johnson

Like every geezer who came before, I lament the de-evolution of society.
After deep introspection, it’s more than just resistance to change.

It’s a slow-motion loss of standards.

A country’s culture is merely a set of standards agreed upon.

Be nice.
Be patient.
Be giving.
Be helpful.

Recently, I saw a McDonald’s manager sitting in the lobby during lunch rush.

She was working on a computer.

Back in the day, no matter how many people were working, one more person made service speed, food quality and restaurant cleanliness that much better.
The customer came first and darn it, we tried to impress every last one of them.
It’s inconceivable to me that the store’s standard-setter, through her own actions, was telling every employee that “good enough” was good enough.

At Wendy’s, the nationally-sold Maple Chicken breakfast sandwich arrived with an egg on it.
How do you botch the recipe on a main sandwich?
The ice water I requested arrived with soda water instead.
No greeting, no personality and no thank you either.
A simple order, yet it was a total fail.


These restaurants were in a Florida big city.
The larger the mass of people, the less customers are treated as individuals.
Perhaps the bosses didn’t treat their employees like individuals either.
The fish rots from the head down.

Then the driving!
Some devolving people use their cars as an extension of their personality.

The bullies ride bumpers, make aggressive lane changes and glare as they pass ten miles over the speed limit.
The unaware are reading their phones as the light turns green – even when they’re first in line.

During heavy traffic, when you’re first in line, you have ONE job.
Watch the light!
Every second you delay, causes another car to miss passage through that light.

How you drive is telling everyone if you’re a help or a hinderance to humanity.

During our after-death life reviews, there might be a special lane for angry and unaware drivers.
They’ll be amazed at all the unknown turmoil they caused others.
They'll be more amazed at how many thousands of people that turmoil affected.

What we're really losing in today's America is the basic standard that everyone you encounter is your “customer.”
How you treat them, reveals your character.
Good treatment and good performance used to be America’s standard.

Provide anything less and you felt embarrassment and shame.

Today, in big cities, among the masses, it’s not even noticed.



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