Arrogant, Power-Hungry Busybodies

By Mike Johnson

In our effort for safety, we measure it a success if we avoid death. But ultimately, all safety measures fail & we still die. It's just a matter of when & how.

Few measure how "safety" affects our life. Life is not an either/or. Life is a rich tapestry of emotions and experiences. The depth and quality of our life is determined by the mosaic of our decisions.

Every decision is a cost/benefit calculation.

Do I drink from this garden hose or run home for Kool-Aid?

Do I wear a bicycle helmet or enjoy the wind in my hair?

Do I blindly trust the ingredients of a vaccine or proactively research which supplements strengthen my immune system?

When "safety," is mandated, the freedom to make our own cost/benefit choices is stolen. Who is pompous enough to believe they deserve that power over others? Who has the omnipotent clairvoyance to foresee every possible individual variable & calculation to choose for everyone?


People who think so, are massively defective & a peril to the rest of us.

Suggest, fine. Force? NO.

Fortunately, our soul survives death, leaving power-hungry busybodies behind.

When those busybodies, who believed they knew better, undergo their own life review, they'll be stunned to realize they were the least evolved of us all.


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