No Thyself

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By Mike Johnson

First know your self.
Then you’re aware enough to NO thyself.

No conformity.
No mainstream media.
No college.
No poverty.
No trust of authority or “experts.”

YOU are your own best expert.

You can vet every thought, every person, every value, every health issue, every demand, every decision.

No one is a better expert about you, than YOU.

Take responsibility for everything.

If you don’t know something, go find the answer.
Like remodeling a house, listen to a variety of “contractors” and use your own knowledge, experience and discernment to sift until you find the best.

You are fully capable of this.

You can’t be an expert on everything.
But you can become an expert at choosing which experts are worthy of your attention.
Start there and expand your research.

You CAN become an expert on the things most important to you.

With this clarity, you’ll find yourself easily saying “NO!” to the biggest deceptions that fool the mediocre mass of men.

No vaccines.
No masks.
No work schedule.
No taxes.
No big bang.
No evolution.
No globe earth.
No space travel.
No resource shortages.
No climate crisis.
No lone gunmen.
No wars.
No legitimate government.

Know thyself so you can NO thyself.

No wisdom, no peace.
Know wisdom, know peace.


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