How to Escape Income Slavery

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By Mike Johnson

Trading time for money will never get you to financial and time freedom.
Building a nest egg and living off the interest no longer works.
Inflation is too high, interest payments are too low, and financial services corruption is too deep.

Besides, “time freedom” requires passive income, not must-be-there income.

Paper investments like stocks and bonds are ridiculously over-priced and corrupt so the wise avoid those.

That leaves businesses or income properties.

You can start a business, buy a franchise or buy an existing, proven business.
You can start small, start medium or start large.
Small deals take the same amount of work as big deals, but big deals provide a far larger payoff.

Ideally, the business is something you enjoy.
Which means it must be legal and moral.
It should help everyone involved.

But to gain passive income, you must have systems that operate without your presence.

This requires thinking bigger.
The business must be large enough to pay a manager and staff to do the actual work.
You’ll then just manage the manager, freeing up 90% of your time.

You also want a business with the fewest moving parts.
Complexity ensures stress and constant problem solving.

This is why income properties are so popular.
Renting homes, apartments, mobile home or campground spaces is far simpler than most other business operations.
They also require fewer employees.
Staffing is a huge problem in today’s world.

Buying an existing business or income property is the least-risky option because they have a proven track record.
You’re buying an existing income stream, not hope and projection.

The challenge then becomes how to slide into ownership.
This stymies most people because most people give up too easily.

Would you step outside your comfort zone for a few months to capture a passive income stream that can last for life?
If not, make peace with being chained to a work schedule and its marginal income forever.
The bigger life you imagine requires becoming the bigger person who will claim it.

Every day you delay is another 24 hours of captivity with no freedom in sight.

Luckily, self-education is virtually free.
The more you learn, the more clarity you gain.
The more clarity, the more confidence to take action.

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