The "News" is Produced

By Mike Johnson

Everything on TV is scripted. It's written, acted, edited, produced & broadcast. They only share what they want you to see. This is obvious in entertainment, yet most don't believe it happens in "news."

Perhaps you've seen the clips of multiple TV news stations reading the same script. If not, treat yourself to a few minutes of the media caught red-handed, parroting the same words handed to them by their masters. The clips are linked below.

Once you realize a handful of men own all the mainstream media, & they give their "anchors" a script to read, you realize their "news" is just bullshit that goes straight in your brain & creates your "reality."

A week later, someone polls your opinion & you parrot back what TV told you, but now amplified by your own emotion & belief.

Worse, you now believe this brainwashing & use it as a weapon to ridicule people who proactively researched alternative information sources & are far closer to the truth than you.

The mainstream media not only created a false reality, it developed an army of mentally lazy, unaware evangelists who spread & defend its propaganda.

Why is it so hard for people to recognize that "authority" is no smarter than them & due to the dynamics of human nature & power, far more corrupt?

Media using the same script: Same Script


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