Where Do You Spend Your Time?

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By Mike Johnson

Want to know what’s most important to you?
Identify where you spend your time.
You might be appalled.

According to US Department of Labor statistics compiled by Deputy.com, here is the average breakdown of where people spend their lifetime of time:

Sleeping: 29 years
Working: 15 years
Relax & Leisure: 14 years
Household Activity: 7.5 years
Caring for Children: 6 years
Socializing & Communicating: 5.5 years
Eating & Drinking: 4 years
Commuting to Work: 1.5 years

Notice that most of our time is out of our control, spent on sleep and survival activities.
Which makes our “free time” the only time we have to imagine, manipulate and manifest our best life.

Relax & leisure and socializing and communicating accounts for 24% of our time.
Which comes out to 5.75 hours per day.

Of this 5.75 hours, less than one hour includes your highest clarity, energy, health and self-discipline.
Miss that hour and you miss improving your life for another 24 hours.

Can you guess the average amount of time that people spend on their smart phones?

3.25 hours per day.

This is 57% of the only remaining time they have to build their best life!

Ask any person what they value most and “smart phone” will never make the list.
Yet that’s where they spend the majority of their priceless time.
They go through their days totally unaware.

Once you realize your own unawareness, you realize that you’re an open book to any other aware person.

To see what someone else values, observe where they spend their time.
To see if someone else is aware, observe where they spend their time.
To see if they truly care about you, observe where they spend their time.

Over a lifetime, we don't get what's most important.
We get what gets our time.

The aware try to make the two match.



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