Win the War From Your Couch

Meme freely shared on Internet

By Mike Johnson

Mankind has passed its knowledge onto others via stories since the Garden of Eden.
Words, gestures, props and tonality were the tools available to captivate the audience.
This required your personal presence.

The invention of the written word allowed us to teach and share from afar by distributing hand-copied documents, pamphlets and books.

The printing press then expanded our reach to the masses.

Music added a new and inspiring element to words.

Photography magically captured an instant of eyesight.

Motion pictures added movement, lighting, acting, music and emotion. This made it easy to lose ourselves as if IN the story.

Moving film is still the most effective communication device.
It has the power to entertain, enlighten, fool or indoctrinate.
Like any tool, it can be used for good or evil.
Like any experience, itís up to us to use our God-given discernment to decide which is which.

Today, nothing maintains and advances the cabalís evil deceptions like moving film.
Especially when film is combined with "news."
But itís all spectacularly complicated and expensive.

Memes are effective molotov cocktails in the guerilla warfare of influencing the minds of men.

A captivating photo, with a concise, punchy message, only takes a second to deliver its payload.
They donít know what hit them until the information explodes deep in their brains.
Cheap, fast, powerful and memorable.

A good meme factory is the Hollywood of the Internet.
On the cheap.

Memes cleverly and devastatingly undercut the ridiculous narrative machine-gunned at us 24/7/365.
It costs the cabal trillions to maintain their deceptive world.
One good meme destroys a million-dollar media campaign.

Do your part.
Share good memes with friends, allies, leaders and opponents.
Nothing slows the cabal more than an enlightened mind.
Nothing irks them more than having their best scams exposed as ridiculous lies.

So fire away.
Safely from your couch.
Cluster-bomb them with memes.

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The last one was post #839 "Memes #12."
The others are titled and numbered similarly.
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