Decisions Shrink & Expand Your World

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By Mike Johnson

Before you decide, any choice is possible.
Once you decide, every other choice disappears.

Braking this powerful throttle of decision is exhausting.
But it maintains your highest perspective.

Perspective is difficult to surrender because itís heady to safely see every choice.
Itís known. Fixed. Comfortable.
Unlimited potential.

I enjoy researching and dreaming about the quirkiest business ideas.
But I know once I select one, I must leap into thin air and learn how to fly before I hit ground.

Itís windy, turbulent, unpredictable, seemingly life or death.
As I fall my view shrinks. The ground gets bigger. I must figure things out before I splat.

But thatís adventure.
Which is fun.
Fail or succeed, itís experience.
Put upon your wits, experience forces growth.

Later, on the calm side of that experience, your perspective is larger.

Until you jump in again.

Earth is the ultimate adventure.

One day weíre spirits, perceiving all that is.
Another, we decide to leap into a life, looking for experience and adventure.
With amnesia, to make it seem more real.
We corkscrew downward, our focus shrinks and a single life fills our perception.

It's both small and large at the same time.

Then we ďdie,Ē review what we learned, and return to a higher perspective than before we jumped.

Spirits again.
Unlimited potential.
With the highest perspective.
Looking for the next quirky life.

Which is just one decision away.


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