Post About Nothing

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By Mike Johnson

Some days, my best work is to post nothing at all.
I spend hours looking at multiple topics and decide Iíve got nothing to add.
So I don't try.

Today is one of those days.
Two and a half hours of reading, thought and contemplation and I got nothing.
I canít improve upon the silence.

I just wanted to let you know that just because nothing is posted, doesnít mean nothing was attempted.
I do you the favor of not publishing the mediocre.

I do this as a writer.

Take the hint and embrace this discipline as a talker.

90% of conversation adds nothing of value to anyone.
Thereís a reason they call it small talk.

Hopefully, youíre not one of those talkers who hog all the airtime.
Once you get wound up, you become oblivious to the four other people listening.
You never consider they might have some value to share -- value that even exceeds your own.

In your group of five, your fair share of airtime is 20 percent.
Once you take more than that, without them asking for more, you become a pompous ass.
They all see it, but youíre so full of yourself, you donít.

Donít be that guy or gal.

Don't ramble.
Don't subject us to your confused scramble to assemble coherance on the fly.
Embrace concise clarity.
Learn to talk in soundbites so people have a chance to respond.
Speak less but say more.

And for God sakes, if you canít improve upon the silence, donít.


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