Nemo Was His Name-O

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By Mike Johnson

It’s a waste of time to fish for compliments or approval.
It’s just not worth it.
Statistically, half the clownfish you encounter are below the mean.
One hundred percent of them are below the centerline in some capacity.

If you do your own research, you’re more aware than virtually everyone you’ll ever meet.

Why? Because they’re barely treading water.
Survival takes all their time and attention.

It takes time, energy, effort and discernment to keep swimming toward deeper and deeper truth.
Truth does not come to you by attending “schools” or passively monitoring mainstream media.
In fact, you LOSE ground listening to them.

Most people are so far under water that they’ll never see the light of truth again.
They’re weighed down by so many lies they believe are true, they’ve lost all buoyancy.

They’re easily ruled by sharks because they gullibly believe the sharks are their masters.
Oh, most of these gullible people are friendly. Some are even your chums.
But in reality, they're all chum for the sharks.

You see this, they don’t.
You want to help them, but you can’t.
They’re too full of the contents in their heads.

Give a fish bad information in school and he’ll defend it as his, the rest of his life.
Truth can only be found by challenging all you “know” as possibly being wrong.

This takes the courage of a barracuda, not the conformity of a clownfish.

There is no group solution.
Escape from the aquarium is an individual journey.
You gotta want it.
You gotta what it bad.

Fortunately, you have help.
When God closes a Dory, he opens a window.

Jump toward the light.
The light of truth.


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