EverythingCody.com Introduction

Photo by Margie Johnson after she spearheaded the drive to get these signs made and installed

By Mike Johnson

Your life is only as good as your information.


Everything about Cody, Wyoming yes, but every other life topic too.

I ran the EverythingCody website from 2005-2012 as a daily newspaper.
I invested 5 hours a day for 2,500 straight days, finding and linking the best non-mainstream stories for readers.
I did all the searching for the fruit, readers got to feast on the fruit without all the searching.
I saved people massive amounts of time and exposed them to thoughts theyíd never otherwise encounter.

I also wrote and posted my own commentaries. My readers said it was their favorite feature.

After I stopped the daily updates in 2012, I did not stop my daily research or daily writing.
Imagine the additional learning that comes from researching and writing five hours a day for another 5,000 days.
Iíve applied that learning to my real life and gained many adventures and successes.

EverythingCody.com now links to my most empowering and inspiring thoughts, ideas and experiences.
Many of you are already here by following WorldsBestWriter.com, JeansAndaDog.com, InspirationalColumns.com or PerpetualSaturday.com.

Itís all free of charge.

Iíve basically captured and digitized the best contents of my brain.
Most days, I add another new post. Over 1,000 posts so far.

I think we all want to leave something helpful behind.

Iím a contrarian.
Iíve learned that when you research any topic deeper, you quickly learn it's not as publicly portrayed.

Applying that different information can make your life exponentially better.

It worked for me.
So now, I gift it to you.
Pass it on.
Sharing is encouraged.



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