By Mike Johnson

Vibrations exist in a wide spectrum.

A vinyl record can't interpret a radio. A radio can't interpret a television. A television can't interpret a computer.

Few people can interpret you.

Those who can, are your tribe.

Playing for those with different vibrations is an effort in futility.

Worse, are the ones who partially get you but are always off a few clicks on the dial. Like static on the radio, they interpret just enough of you to hear the words, but can't tune in tightly enough to grasp the essence behind them. You think that if you can just adapt a bit, they'll zero in on your signal.


Self-image. Values. Experience. Perspective. Mental clarity. Confidence. Sense of humor. Attitude.

These are just some of the vibrational variables that attract or repel. You can't dump any of that into someone else's head.

So don't change your broadcast for others. Just play it to the best of your ability and attract those who appreciate your resonance.

They're out there.

They're listening.

They're looking for you.


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