Time Change or Life Change?

By Mike Johnson

On November 1, you gain an hour. Maintain the status quo and that's all you'll gain.

Distracted by days, decades slip through our fingers.

The hell with daylight savings time, embrace DELIGHT savings time.

Instead of resetting your clock, why not reset your life?

The world of clocks and calendars and commutes is crazy. You'll never realize this until you step out of it.

No one forces you to live by those rules. Above the daily storm of costumes, kooky coworkers and conscription to some career, is the calm, clear consciousness of complying to your own compass.

The journey starts by rejecting clocks & calendars. You're going to look at time in a totally new way. An empowering way. A lucrative way. Stop fiddling with your watch and start fiddling with your life.

Start by reading The Case For Living Tomorrows Today

Now laugh: If the Feds Managed Time Like They Manage Money


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