Busker Your Life

Free use photo from Pixabay.com turned into a meme at imgflip.com

By Mike Johnson

We’re all street performers.
Some just perform on better corners.
Whether you play the cello or mold the Jello, your talent has an audience.

No one lives without witnesses.

The best buskers lose themselves in the performance.
They exude the energy that makes them bigger than life.
They own it. They sell it. They become it. They ARE it.

For a moment, they gift a smile, a surprise, a laugh, an enchantment, an inspiration.
They’re a generous spark reminding us of the vast versatility of human beings.
Our operational range is much larger than its current setting.

Imagine God assigned you a street corner.
What act would you create and perform?
What can you do that is worthy of a moment of attention from strangers?
Whether you’re sharing a gift or generating an income stream, you’re a busker on the stage of life.

Suspend your fear.
Rise above the mundane.
Float above conformity.

In a world with far too much gravity, levitate with the joy of sharing the full range of YOU.


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