Ranger Dan

Photo by Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Mount Rushmore is one of my favorite places on earth.
Itís a celebration of the founding liberty of this nation.
Itís a monument to four presidents who contributed to that liberty in big ways.

And of course, a monument to the 400 men who constructed it from 1927 to 1941.

In a world where misguided wokeness, socialism and government overreach permeate so many areas of our life, Mount Rushmore proudly focuses on our original guiding principles.

During our visit there this week, Ranger Dan presented an inspired, passionate, dramatic speech during the 9pm lighting ceremony.
He told us he wrote it himself.
Standing erect and unapologetic, he reminded us that liberty is every manís God-given natural right and that our government is a servant that is heavily chained by very few delegated authorities.

Ranger Dan reminded us that man is Godís creation and government is manís creation.

He described the bravery, foresight and leadership required by each of these presidents to advance liberty in mankind's largest experiment in self-government.

His booming speech, in that setting, provides the large dosage of clarity that is so rare out in America at large.

It is the exact speech one would hope to hear at such a monument.

In todayís world with a corrupt, devil-controlled, overreaching federal government, Ranger Danís speech provides hope that liberty can still be saved.

Itís OURS. We OWN it.

Both liberty AND the federal government.

Our Declaration of Independence provides the legal foundation for We The People to make whatever changes, in whatever ways required, to adjust our self-government as necessary.

Like a misbehaving child, itís on us to immediately stop the bad behavior and discipline the child until it complies to our rules and standards.

In fact, due to the sacrifice of millions who came before us, we OWE it to them to do so, so their contributions were not wasted.

When that day arrives, with a shrunken and chagrined government back at heel, and our founding principles of individual liberty once again lived and heralded by the masses as self-evident, nothing external will be needed to light up our faces.

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