Can You Handle the Truth?

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By Mike Johnson

Truth is immoveable.
Deception is what moves.
The bigger the deception, the bigger the gap between truth and lie.

It's this gap that makes truth look unbelievable.

You’re fooled because you were raised and groomed on the wrong side of the gap.
You stand on the cliffside that generated the lies, thinking your footing is sound.

But change your perspective to the side of truth, and you easily see the audacity and ridiculousness of the lies.

You can’t digest truth because you’ve already swallowed a huge portion of lies.
So you just can't stomach any truth that is different than the prevailing narrative.

The devil runs all major earth systems.
Those systems taught you everything you know.
They own the curriculum, the media, and the authorities who continue your “education.”

Most everything you've learned is a deception.

People readily accept the reality they’re presented.

People do this PASSIVELY.

The only way to discover more truth is to be willing to UNLEARN.

This must be done PROACTIVELY.

A healthy question is this: “I know this sounds strange, but what if it was true?”

Now you're willing to look at new, non-mainstream information.
Information that challenges “what you know,” and information that challenges the prevailing narrative.

I guarantee that you will quickly realize that reality is far different than it’s publicly presented.

Strip away lies, and more and more truth is revealed.

The truth will set you free.
But first the truth will piss you off.

You’ll be amazed at your gullibility and ignorance, at leaders’ audacity, and the depth of authority’s evil.
It's difficult to process all this.

But once you see truth, you cannot unsee it.

The change is permanent.
Your awareness grows.
Your discernment improves.
Your perspective increases.
Your clarity explodes.
Your behavior changes.
Your life decisions become obvious and productive.

You’ve escaped their matrix.

Truth is truth.
The devil can’t change that.
He can only deceive you from seeing what is actually there.

Stop falling for it.

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