Socialism is Racism

By Mike Johnson

Those who propose government confiscate more of Americans' earnings to help others, are the biggest racists you'll ever meet. They believe everyone should be slaves.

When government takes a dollar from a citizen, they are not just taking money. They are taking time. Energy. Attention. Skills. Life force.

That governments believe they have a right to take ownership of an individual, under threat of jail, & force him to work a portion of his life for their benefit, is so obviously immoral it's amazing we let that stand.

That half the country believes the government SHOULD take even more, just exposes the insanity of the mass of mediocre men.

Nevermind that for every dollar the government takes to help "the poor," less than half is actually distributed to those poor.

Nevermind that any person can VOLUNTARILY donate any assistance they like -- and we already do so in amounts exceeding billions each year -- with ALL of that money going to the poor.

Government is only in the charity business because they can skim off the top and gain power over people begging for the scraps.

Yes, government funds some worthwhile needs. Wastefully and ineffectively, but they do eventually fix that pothole if enough people complain.

My favorite tax slogan: Potholes, yes. Assholes, no.

Anything extra is just slavery.


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