Work on You First

By Mike Johnson

Enlightened people have no desire to change others. They've learned how to run their brains so their toes are tapping no matter what the outside world tosses at them.

So the goal to influence, or worse, FORCE people to live their lives to our standards, just reveals a less evolved person.

Suggest, yes. Force or legislate, NO.

The best way to influence is to live a worthy life. You'll then naturally influence others who appreciate your light and want that too.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Secondly, everyone has a voice but not everyone's opinion carries equal weight.

Few know history.

Few know human nature.

Few know why various political systems have always failed.

Few do any independent research.

Few have actually walked their talk and gained real experience achieving something worthy of copying.

Most just parrot what they've been told by media, schools and people in their circle. Perhaps 5% have opinions that are worthy of listening to regarding how the world should run.

99.9% of the world population is not worthy of establishing standards for the rest of us. I don't know anyone in the remaining .10%.

We're not here to fix the world. The world is here to fix us.

Work on you first and then you might have an opinion worth listening to.


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