You're the Tuner

By Mike Johnson

"There is a place, at the end of your race, concerns erased, marinating in grace."

Some find this place on earth. The rest find it after departure.

Like a frequency on the radio, on earth, this station competes with hundreds of others.

Off earth, it's the dominate channel broadcasting.

You're the tuner.

I found the channel here on earth. But it's unique to me. Glowing with gratitude, I want everyone to experience it too. Like spotting a moose on the roadside, you want everyone to experience its majesty.

Like you, I did it the most difficult way possible. I chased down and conquered externals that seemed to keep me from peace and freedom.

Income. Work schedules. Busyness. Debt. Geography. Relationships. Thoughts.

I spent my life conquering them all. Now, as I admire those achievements, neatly stacked in an organized basket, I see a sobering truth.

I went at it all backward.

Had I overcome thoughts first, I'd have achieved the peace and freedom I seeked decades sooner.

Life has many frequencies. Most are difficult distractions. A few are marinating in grace.

You're the tuner. Pick your channel carefully.


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