Owning Your Life Rather Than Renting

By Mike Johnson

Economic fact: You won't escape wage slavery until you own stuff. Ideally, stuff that generates income.

The poor & middle class rent their income streams & homes.

The rich own them.

Somehow, someway, you have to cross the chasm between renting & owning. You must start a business, buy a business or gain control of rental properties.

Saving money & then investing that money no longer works. It's Now Impossible to Save/Invest Your Way to Retirement

Most people think ownership requires vast sums of money so they surrender after a cursory look.

Most people are wrong.

What it takes is imagination, financial education, courage & inspired action.

You must do what most people won't so you can live like most people can't.

Your financial education begins by reading materials from people who have already achieved what you desire. With a bit of passion & lots of self-discipline, their success stories can be duplicated.

You don't need to earn millions. You just need more monthly passive income than the amount of your monthly personal bills. Once you achieve that, you have financial & time freedom forever.

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