In Here or Out There?

By Mike Johnson

Nothing matters until you think it does.

Remove the thought, and it doesn't matter.

Heat the thought with emotion, it turns into matter.

Everything "out there" begins by how you run "in here."

"In here" is where you live. What you judge. What you think. What you conceive. What you imagine. What you desire. What you love. What you hate. What you feel.

Joy, success and love do not exist "out there."

They exist "in here."

Wherever you go, there you are. YOU are "in here."

How you run "in here" determines the quality of your life.

"Out there" is merely the physical residue that reveals how you've been running "in here."

So clearly, "in here" is the source of everything "out there."

Yet, most people spend the bulk of their life trying to fix or improve "out there."


The kingdom of heaven is within. Seek first the kingdom and all else follows.

This isn't just a religion quote.

It's lesson #1 teaching how life on earth works.

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