Obstacles to Greatness

By Mike Johnson

Obstacles that stunt our greatness:

1. Low self-worth.

2. Weak character.

3. Ignorance.

4. Negative beliefs.

5. Undisciplined focus.

6. Rickety integrity.

7. Habit.

These are internal opportunities. It's a journey.

You're trapped in your skull with the person you are in your head. If you're a mess inside, your life will be a mess outside.

Now you see why the world has so many problems.

Or, if you love the roommate in your head, why the world has so many opportunities.

The external is merely a mirror of the internal.

Life offers us a pantry of solutions.

The mass of men take from the section labeled "external" and wonder why they're always hungry.

The self-actualized take from the section labeled "internal" and gain permanent nourishment.


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