Audacity to Leave the Herd

By Mike Johnson

Audacity. Until you gain the audacity to believe you know better than the herd, you'll never achieve your biggest desires.

This audacity is gained by self-education and questioning conventional wisdom.

If conventional wisdom isn't providing the desired result, it doesn't deserve your attention or respect. No matter how many millions of people repeat it.

Three good examples of crazy-horrible conventional wisdom:

1. Jobs are the best way to earn income.

2. College is the best way to get a job.

3. Saving 40 years is the best way to gain financial freedom.

Translation: Trade your life chasing others' dreams and the hell with your own.

This is crazy talk.

Gaining this audacity that millions are crazy and you are not, is a lonely business. Those millions can't carry your pencil so don't you dare let them make you doubt your path.

When it comes to you and your life, no one is a bigger expert than YOU.

You don't have to change these millions. And you can't.

Just follow your own path.

Those with the eyes to see will be inspired by your example.

Audacity. It's the difference between uncommon success and everyone else.


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