How to Escape the Rat Race

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By Mike Johnson

You canít do everything yourself.
This is especially true with money.

Trading time for money at a job is the least effective way to earn it.
Jobs are good for learning but rotten for earning.
The math fails. You just cannot physically trade enough hours-for-money to escape the rat race.

Youíll be lucky to maintain.

If youíre sick of running all day and getting nowhere, read on.

There are many better ways to earn income than jobs.

Ways to earn income by project, rather than paycheck.
Ways to earn income seasonally, taking the rest of the year off.
Ways to create or buy something cheap and sell it expensive.
Ways to earn income performing simple tasks for exhausted job-holders.
Ways to buy an existing income stream that pays for itself, its manager and all your personal bills too.
Ways that earn income while you sleep.

These ways are not taught in school.
They are taught by self-education.
You set the curriculum.

You find the people who have already achieved what you desire and study THEM.
Read their books and materials. Write them. Call them.
Adapt their knowledge to your own interests, skills and personality.

You're going to find that these people leveraged their time and energy with systems that generate income whether they are present or not. They do not do all the work themselves.

Think of jobs as a waystation.
If you make employment permanent, your dreams shrink to the time and income limits of your body and your job.

Screw that. The more inspiring plan is to grow your time and income enough to fulfill your biggest dreams.

Stop comparing yourself to rats. They will never escape the race. Theyíve given up on their biggest dreams.

Look at the people who escaped the race.

What do they know that you donít?



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