Travel at the Speed of Thought

By Mike Johnson

The speed of thought trumps the speed of light because thought requires no distance to be traveled.

Likewise, the speed of imagination trumps the speed of action. By skipping directly to the destination, you make the journey without the travel.

The more vivid your imagination, the deeper your feelings, the shorter your physical journey.

Not just because your imagination allows you to "practice" action without leaving the chair -- making your action more inspired and efficient -- but because your imagination is actually a magnet that pulls the destination closer to you in physical time and space!

The speed of thought operates outside the laws of our physical world.

We instantly go where our thought goes.

It's a super power that is so close to us that we forget it's there.

Learning how to direct that power is where the magic lies.

Those who achieve uncommon success spend more time exercising their minds and less time flailing around in the physical world.



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