Dependency Workarounds

By Mike Johnson

I was 11 years old in 1968.

I'd had enough experience asking my father for money to realize he'd always say "no." So I got a newspaper route to earn my own "yes."

Dad gave me the same "no" when I asked for rides.

So I bought a bike.

I used the same independent strategy to find my own out-of-the-mainstream answers at the school library.

There is value in realizing authority figures usually say "yes" to themselves and "no" to you.

It motivates you to figure out ways to work around those barriers yourself, independently.

In today's crazy world, many, many people are going to have to experience far more pain before they realize dependency is something that isn't in their best interests.

Here is how a childhood paper route would've helped them too: Love Your Kids? Make Them Work


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